Field Hockey Sticks

When walking for the first time onto a hockey field/pitch the piece of equipment visual to the eye is a hockey stick. In another sport such as S0ccer, the ball is the main piece of equipment, its the driving force for the game. With Field Hockey the stick is, which also comes with a small […]

A 2013 head start to GROW Summer Bootcamp

After a good two week holiday away from RLabs and spending time with the extended family, I return as a recruit for the GROW Summer Refresher bootcamp 2013. There is nothing better than making a kick start to my year with an excitement to learn more from what I already know. For today Jeffery Pearce […]

A long wait… Breaking Dawn Part 2

Its Friday, the 16th of November 2012, a day I’ve been waiting for exactly a year from now for. Yes so you probably thinking what has the long wait been for? I was introduced to a wonderful book called Twilight about 5 years ago, if I’m correct, by whom i don’t really know. The Fiction novel tells […]

Before I die…

Do you have a dream? One of those dreams where you tell yourself I have to do this before I die? I just happened to have one of those dreams. Because I love to fly and meet diverse people and also explore new things, I would love to go to a place that is said […]


Traditionally, in South Africa, particularly amongst the Coloured race (or so it seems), you celebrate your Crown birthday on the day that you turn the age that corresponds with the date on which your birthday falls. Tomorrow it is my friends Christine Nicola Taphel #chrissycrown25 Crown Birthday as she will be turning 25 years old. […]