GetSmarter Graduation

I received my second certificate from GROW- Bootcamp for successfully finishing my 3 month internship. This was a process of volunteering at an organisation, a focus of giving back what I have learnt at the Grow Academy and using it in other organisations that needed it. I am proud to see that there is a new […]

Marlon Parker promised…

[youtube=]I just witnessed Marlon Parker, the founder of RLabs, proclaim that he will do the IRanD4Hope campaign all over again if Table Mountain becomes one of the 7 Wonders of Nature in approximately less than 3 hours from now. Just to be clear on that, the distance he will be running is 25km. Lets do this!

I RanD for Hope

[slideshow]With light showers in the heart of Cape Town on a early Saturday morning, Craig Ross and Carla Ferreira took on the long run for hope. A campaign was created by the RLabs team to raise funds by donating online for the graduation that will soon be given to the people of communities that has been empowered through social […]

A New7Wonder visit for Table Mountain

[slideshow]Today Dr Bernhard Webber, chairman, and Mr Jean-Pierre de la Fuente, CEO of the New 7 Wonders foundation made his last stop here at the top of Table Mountain in the Summit Lounge before he fly’s back home to Switzerland where the unveiling of the New 7 Wonders will be announced. The Social Media Factory crew/members under the banner of […]